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There are a number of Advanced Breeding Technologies that allow you to maximise your breeding objectives - to propagate the genetics of your superior rams and ewes.


Central West Genetics offers the full range of these technologies including laparoscopic artificial insemination, multi ovulation and embryo transfer, and can apply them appropriately to your flock.


Dr Gregory McCann has been an active proponent of these technologies in the various sheep industries for over 30 years and he and the Central West Genetics team look forward to assisting breeders in applying these technologies now and in the future.





Collecting and preserving the elite genetics of your flock has become a routine tool for many seed stock producers.

Central West Genetics are experienced and results-driven leaders in this field and now offer the services in a new and purpose-built facility.


Heading up Central West Genetics, Dr Gregory McCann has been involved in freezing ram semen, laparoscopic artificial insemination and embryo transfer of ewes for over 30 years.


Donor rams are admitted to the centre after undergoing testing to ensure a minimal disease status and then undergo training and collection.


Semen can be frozen in either pellets or straws and, after passing all industry standards can be stored in your tank or in our general storage tanks.


Central West Genetics has its own mix which is aimed at being a balanced diet that eliminates the risk of feed upset but can also feed your supplied mix.






The exportation of semen can require considerable logistics, health tests and paperwork. Central West Genetics is accredited to collect and facilitate the export of semen to a variety of countries.

Dr Greg McCann has had 20 years experience in marketing semen and embryos to a variety of international markets, predominantly South American.

Knowing the markets and dealing with the process is critical when exporting any product. No more so than a perishable article such as semen and embryos.

Central West Genetics is able to assist any breeder in supplying to eligible markets.



Laparoscopic artificial insemination is a quick and simple surgical technique, which has been used successfully in the sheep industry for over 30 years.


Either fresh or frozen/thawed semen can be used. Sedation and pain relief is routinely used in all programmed ewes.


Central West Genetics can supply feeding and programming strategies to maximise your results.


Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer can give you significant gains in the genetic profile of your flock.

Success relies on the identification of the elite ewes in your flock.

The process has a high degree of technical input and is comprised of a series of events and procedures that all require successful completion if a satisfactory outcome is to be achieved. Appropriate management and attention to detail is a critical ingredient.

Central West Genetics offers two services:

  1. The entire program can be run on your property, with all procedures being undertaken by you and Central West Genetics staff performing the artificial insemination and subsequent surgery for embryo recovery in your facilities

  2. Central West Genetics also offers a hands-free system where the donor ewes are fed and treated at our facility. This includes all treatments, inseminations and surgery. All embryos are chilled and transferred the following day on your farm. Your involvement is to treat the recipient ewes (exactly the same as treating ewes for an artificial insemination program) and assisting on the day of transfer.

This system has the advantage of standardising management and nutrition and allows us to offer a service which is priced on the success of the program.

Call us to discuss your breeding program.

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